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Meet Julie Eldrett, the now-retired but world-renowned hairdresser!

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Based in Darlington, Julie started off with very humble beginnings, working at a salon as a shampooer whilst in school to fund her love for clothes and makeup. 

Julie’s Story 

She was approached by the Northern Echo as she had a very ‘modern’ look back in her early days. Below you’ll find one of her oldest photos sat on the railings of High Row. 

Julie Eldrett

During her time as a hairdresser, Julie has travelled the world, working with the likes of L’Oréal, speaking in conferences across India and shampooing the hair of Coronation Street’s very own Elsie Tanner! 

Julie’s mother worked as a Buyer in Binns back when she was younger and helped her obtain an interview with Dennis Cheeseborough. He saw huge potential in her and sometime after, he founded Saks. She then left Binns and moved over to Saks in Darlington. 

Her lifetime of work has been one to remember, from working within a team at Binns to juggling customer care and hairdressing at Saks. She now helps out as a ‘Maitre D’ when she’s not too busy showcasing her skills and experiences to the world. 

Her Post-Hairdressing Life

Outside of her working hours, Julie is also a public speaker at the following: 

L’Oreal Business Forum

Salon International

Olympia Beauty

Professional Hair Live

She has also worked with Durham Police Constabulary and a leading NHS hospital hired her to improve their team-working and customer relationships!

Stylebook review 

We asked for a genuine review of Stylebook and she went on to say: “It was my pleasure to have Sarah (founder of Stylebook Directory) as part of our amazing team years back at Saks Bishop Auckland, in which I have known and loved her ever since.

…I am very proud of what she is achieving, I think the industry has needed something like stylebook for a long time and is going to benefit our industry hugely, Stylebook directory is the one and only platform for all hairdressing professionals can use to create their own unique profile, enabling clients to research their future hairstylist. Bravo lovely lady.” 

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