Why Use Stylebook Directory

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What is Stylebook Directory?

Simple, Stylebook Directory is an on line directory of hairstylists, trainees, barbers and all hair industry professionals.

You can use Stylebook Directory as an online portfolio to showcase your work to your desired audience, whether that may be to build up your clientele or future employee.

Your portfolio can be built over time and can be used for many things.

How to join?

Create Account

For a Salon or a Stylist, it's quick and easy to do!

Create your profile

Create a professional profile. Add images, videos and more. When you do both professionals in the industry and future clients can come along and view your work like a gallery.

Connect with Industry Professionals and Clients

Be part of the Stylebook Directory online community built by a hairdresser, for hairdressers.

Its FREE to use so sign up today!

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Benefits of joining?

To help gain employment

To build clientele

To promote your salon and stylists

To sell yourself onto a project

To secure freelance jobs

Record your skill development

To give you credibility

To grow your reputation

To build your online presence

Have any Questions?

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