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The Salon Owners Bible. Every salons must have book

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The Salon Owners Bible is a big title. It’s a title that suggests a thought-provoking book with wisdom in its pages and we hope that’s what you discover! It’s also a title that suggests a book which has the answers to big questions.

Questions like: WHY does my salon exist WHY should my staff choose to work with me, stay loyal to me, care about me and my business enough to invest their careers in helping me grow it WHY should a customer choose my salon to care about, be loyal to, to become a raving fan of If you’ve never asked yourself questions like these, you’re going to love this book.

If you have but found them too difficult to answer … you’re going to love it even more! Because by the time you’ve finished reading it you’ll know WHY your business exists and WHY your staff and customers should care and stay! You’ll also know HOW to take the answers and use them to create a different sort of salon. A salon that makes a DIFFERENCE in people’s lives … especially YOURS.

Finally, you’ll know WHAT practical steps you need to take to make your WHY and HOW come alive. That’s our promise. That’s WHY this book exists. We’ve written it with passion because growing salons we define as successful because they thrive in the long term and give their owners the life, lifestyle and purpose that makes it all worthwhile, is our purpose in life.

We both feel it’s what we were put on this earth to do and we find it profoundly satisfying when the ideas we share make a difference. FREE! Included with this book is a 3 DVD set of edited highlights from a live ‘3 BIG Steps’ WORKSHOP. The DVD set is amazing. 3 Salon owners volunteered to take part in an intimate, specially filmed edition of this groundbreaking workshop. Watch and you’ll see them learn, laugh and cry as they finally realise they can take control of their salons and achieve what they really want!