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Stylist Profile Example / Gemma Snowball

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Here is a great example of what a stylist profile can look like

Stylist profiles are for mobile, session stylists, self employed and possibly if you rent a chair and don’t want to be part of the salon profile.

Tick all the box’s that relate to you for example mobile, barber, extensions, colour and all aspects if thats what you do, this way when clients are searching for type of stylist your name will come up in all of them.

The home page is all about you! Put as much personality into this as you can, tell people what you like to do, what you feel you exceed in and even put what you don’t like doing. if you do competitions or have awards include these too.

Price list, opening hours and qualification are a must too, sell yourself, be the best.

When adding your pictures ,click manage at the top of your profile, press the question mark for help. Its really simple once you know how.

I cant wait to see all your fabulous work. Please drop me a message if you need any help or have any questions.

The gossip page is for all gossip in the hair world so send me your story if you have one to shout about.