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Sarah Yorke / Stylebook Directory Founder

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Hi, I’m Sarah Yorke, founder of Stylebook Directory. I have been hairdressing for over 28 years and I love it! I started as a trainee before working my way up the ranks to fill many roles including a manager, salon owner, session stylist for TV and theatre, teacher and freelance stylist.

I’m originally from the North East but moved to Manchester, which is where Stylebook Directory became an exciting idea. I needed my hair done but I didn’t know anyone in the area, so I had to take pot luck with stylists – I couldn’t believe that there was no real way of finding stylists suitable to my needs. The ideal solution would have been for me to be able to search for a stylist by their images, rather than searching for a style and seeing some I liked on Google Images but not being able to find the person who created the style.

As this wasn’t available, I took my chances and went to a completely new hairdresser. I took with me a picture of Victoria Beckham but came out more like Hayley Cropper!

As a hairdresser, I know in a salon most people are good all-rounders but that we all like or excel in certain styles. Mine is bobs, short styles and bridal styling. If a client walks in off the street, they would get booked in with the first available stylist, which isn’t always ideal as they may have been suited to a different stylist. Stylebook Directory now gives clients the opportunity to choose which stylist they think suits them best before their visit.

Stylebook will ultimately make the process of choosing a stylist easier for everyone. If you’re a client searching for a hairdresser, you will use Stylebook Directory as a search engine, searching for your desired style or look. You will be given all relevant results in your area in images, and each image will have the stylist’s details attached.

It’s so simple to use – just put in the postcode, the type of stylist you would like (barber, mobile or salon) and a brief description of the style you would like, then browse the gallery.

Stylebook Directory has been created by a hairdresser who knows the difficulty hairdressers can have building their clientele, and also as a client trying to find a new stylist who can create the desired style.