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Meet Sam Campagna, The Education-First Focused Barber & Hairdresser!

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Sam began his hair and barbering journey back in Tony & Guy in 1999 and has then gone on to open his own business, specialising mainly in short hair and pixie cuts.

Owner of Alternative Barber Co (founded in 2010), Sam’s vision was to establish a gender-neutral, pro staff environment and create a ladder into the barber industry to help trainees and learners find a way in the world of hair.


Sam’s success

Dedicating his career to mentoring hairdressers and barbers in contemporary and classing cuts, Sam continues his passion within his own shop teaching and mentoring his staff members. His impressive, extensive skillset means he continues to set standards, which echo throughout the business. He emphasises being more than just a barbershop, rather, gender-neutral; his business is open to anyone.

Receiving the Honorary Fellowship Award from MK College for his fantastic contribution to education, Sam took the elements of barbering and spun them on their head. He continues to seek to create a better, more effective way of learning, to allow those entering the barbering world with better opportunities to thrive.


One of his favourite cuts was of a 9-year-old who came in with her mum and asked for half her head to be shaven! She asked Sam to be as creative as possible. Sam took this chance to let his imagination run wild, which triggered a sense of creative freedom from then on.

Sam’s Next Five Years

In the next five years, Sam hopes to build on concepts in the barbering world to make learning more efficient. He seeks to create co-working barber bubble hubs for education, skill-sharing and upskilling. Something we’re very excited about!

A Stylebook Directory Testimonial

“I’m a big fan of Stylebook Directory – I believe there’s a shift on the horizon. It’s about how we connect as individual stylists to the clients.

Stylebook Directory is bridging the market and will play a big part in connecting us to the right clients”.

More power to Sam! To check out his profile, head to his Stylebook Directory profile here, alternatively, be sure to check out our large gallery of hairstylists, barbers and more!