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Meet Safy Burton, The Fabulous Colourist of our Dreams!

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From the breathtaking Windermere in the Lake District, Safy came straight out of school with a passion for all things hairdressing starting off with wedding hair and makeup. 

One thing Safy struggled with was colouring hair. She felt she was so bad at it (whilst also being dyslexic) that she had to ask team members for support or do a quick YouTube search to learn more. However, the more she put her mind to something, the more she excelled: as her love for hair grew, so did her extensive skills and experiences. Her resilience in her career continually found her reaching new horizons.

Safy B Salon

Relocating to Buckinghamshire, Safy became self-employed and owned her own salon, which has now been running for 6 years! Safy B salon, an originally 5 station salon expanded over the last 3 years, which now impressively holds 12 stations and employs 4 fabulous members of staff. Ironically, Safy B is renowned for its colour work by tons of their clientele!

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One thing she is passionate about is her strict consultation processes. Her team ensures they hold a 5-minute consultation with their clients to check out 5 years of history; how exactly they have looked after their hair, before and after history and other questions. They ensure to be as transparent as possible, voicing any concerns before a client is set to go ahead with their new hair.

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Safy prides herself on being caring and easy-going, giving her team members training and mentoring regularly when she thinks it may be beneficial. She pushes her team to get stuck in and work to the best of their ability. The signs of a fabulous business owner & hairdresser!

Fast-forward to recent times, Safy B Salon has many accolades under its belt; from Buckingham Colourist 2020-2021 and Colourist of the Year 2020-2021, there really isn’t any stopping Safy and we’re excited to see what the future holds for her!

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Safy is truly a fantastic hairdresser and her resilience to break barriers when faced with adversity is truly inspiring. To book or check out her profile, head to her page on Stylebook Directory here or check out her Salon profile with staff members connected!