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Meet Robert Grosvenor, The Well-Renowned Grand Master Barber in Birmingham!

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Robert’s humble beginnings in all things hair began in 1984 in an Italian Barbershop based in Birmingham. He trained at the College of Food and Domestic Arts and has many impressive accolades under his belt!

In the Limelight

Now with over 36 years of experience, Rob prides himself (and rightly so) in being an expert in knowing everything there is to know about barbering. He garnered attention when he created a collection of Peaky Blinders hairstyles in 2019, which were picked up in 17 magazines across the UK, Europe and internationally!

His aim at present and when looking towards the future is to improve the standards of hair, with an emphasis on barbering. His vision is to break the current standards, which seem to be pretty stagnant and create opportunities for serious, willing-to-learn stylists and barbers nationwide. 

What’s more, is that Robert holds a Grand Master Barber Craftsman Qualified Assessor qualification; what makes him even more of an exceptional barber is that he has won multiple awards within his career. His own salon, Headmasters, has won the likes of Salon Awards 2019 whilst he has been awarded Barber of the Year in 2020.

A Stylebook Testimonial

“The Stylebook Directory is a great platform for hairdressers and barbers because you can share techniques and download your imagery for potential clients to see. You can also create your own profile, which gives a client insight into your standard of work. It can also be linked to your social media accounts”,

For the Future

Moreover, Robert is passionate about sharing his expertise with the world, ensuring that hair standards are enhanced as opposed to simply ticking people off a box when qualifying. He has worked with an abundance of colleges to improve hair standards to ensure knowledge is broken down into steps for students as well as tutors; making learning easily digestible for anyone at any stage of their learning.In his current online training academy, he offers 3 to 5-minute videos to aid and support learners with their future in hair and barbering.

We’re proud to say Robert is a member of Stylebook Directory and his experience definitely outshines the rest! Check out his profile here to find out more.