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Meet Belinda, The Multi-Talented, Mental Health-First Hairdresser!

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Now based in the busy city of Newcastle, Belinda Hillman is a salon owner, creator and founder of Belinda Mindset and the hairdressing and beauty industry motivational training cards.

Belinda has around 25 years of experience in the industry and unlike many others, fell in love with her career pretty early on. She set sail on a cruise ship at 19 where they taught her how she could earn what she wanted, learning about customer service and mentoring. Learning about growth, success and motivation.

Fast-forward 16 years and with an abundance of qualifications (such as the Wella Colour Master Degree and a Mental Health Awareness Diploma), Belinda used the cruise ship’s idea as a training tool within her own salon to consistently learn, teach and turn her passion into work. She created her own website during the lockdown as hair salons were inaccessible. She spent 3 months working and learning, with the help of Chris Moody; investing in herself and her skills she said has been the best move over. 

Moreover, her goal is to help and support every single apprentice in the hair industry, be it, a hairdresser or barber, she seeks to have them aspire to be the best they can be. Her slogan ‘innovate, educate, motivate’ rings true, even in her salon. Before every working day, she gathers together her employees and uses what she learnt from cruise ships within a book and goes through top tips that they can learn from.

The regional silver winning entrepreneur for British Hair and Beauty Awards then mentioned she has an array of training tools for the hair industry; from four packs of cards to affirmation and tracks as well as affirmation for mirrors. What makes her even more inspirational is that her course, 3 mind steps to success, is accredited by Habia and illustrates how hairdressers can grow to achieve the success they deserve (her course allows you to gain CPD points too!).

Belinda’s 5-year goal

We’re so excited for Belinda and are proud to say she’s on Stylebook Directory! The mum-of-two went on to say that her five-year goal is to franchise her brand and make it bigger; to travel and meet learners all over the globe. She aims to continue teaching and creating, to help empower and create bright futures for those in the hair industry. 

Stylebook Testimonial

“Stylebook is a really innovative idea. It’s a really great thing and from my point of view, learners can have access to a platform to showcase their work and be professional and grow their brand! It’s exceptional to gain clients from earlier on and it’s lovely that she’s including all sorts of hairdressers & barbers. Stylebook is definitely going to be promoted on my website and I’m happy to tell my learners about it”.

To check out this impressive hairdresser or to contact her directly, have a look at her profile here!