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Meet Anne Marie, the Hair-A-Thon Fundraising Hair Stylist!

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Anne Marie has been a hairdresser for 21 years, working as a senior stylist in a well-established hair salon. She then found success in branching out 4 years ago, founding her own fabulous salon, Meraki Hair Lab, based in Howden-le-Wear. 

About Anne Marie 

When asked about her unique selling point, Anne Marie’s customers suggested her hair salon is super quirky, that she is creative, always welcoming and found a lot of her customers followed her from where she worked to where she is now. This of course reflects how talented and skilled she is! 

In recent times, Anne Marie carried out a 24-hour hair-a-thon in memory of her baby girl that sadly passed. She fundraised for the ambulance crew that looked after her, raising a staggering £4,000 whilst only having a target of £500!

She prides herself on her awards. In the short space of time of having her own salon, Annmarie has won a multitude of awards – spanning from Best Newcomer 2020, Best Salon and Best Customer Experience. 

Anne Marie sees herself starting up a training academy based around short haircuts in the next 5 years. She is often recognised by her striking purple hair and has said she truly looks forward to the future. 

A Stylebook Review

When asked about her experience with Stylebook Directory, she went onto say: “I think Stylebook is a unique, quick and easy way to find your perfect stylist/salon, as a client, it may be quite daunting to change or look for a new stylist but Stylebook takes all the stress and worry away from finding the one to suit your needs as the information and pictures are right in front of you…

…For a stylist like myself, I think it’s an amazing way of showing your creativity and work off to many who look through it and it’s amazing for advertisement, I would 100% recommend it to anyone! The founder is fab too; Sarah makes it really easy to understand and is there to help you every step of the way”

You can check out Anne Marie’s profile here to check out the fabulous cuts and colours she has recently uploaded! Alternatively, you can sign up to Stylebook Directory here!