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About Stylebook Education


About Stylebook Education

Stylebook Education is a one-stop-shop for learners and establishments; making way for learners to gain a deeper understanding of the hair industry, establishments to search for the most suitable and potential stylists for salons, and to offer advice and training for up-and-coming hair professionals.

Our founder, Sarah Yorke discovered a large gap in the hair industry where learners, stylists, salon owners, and others were without a platform to learn, teach, support, and coach all in one. As this wasn’t available, she laid the foundations for what you see today; a universal platform for all to use and take advantage of.

Whilst our sister website, Stylebook Directory showcases hair salons, stylists, and clients to choose to either work with, book for appointments, gain employment with or use as inspiration, Stylebook Education compiles all information about our talented External Educators (including all hair professionals; hairdressers, barbers, stylists, speakers, coaches, and other establishments) in one place.

Both Stylebook Directory and Stylebook Education have been established by a hairdresser who has firsthand experienced the difficulty hair stylists, salons and learners can have whilst building clientele, finding employment, and finding styles to learn and understand and replicate.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To create an environment in which learners can learn and establishments to showcase the support they can offer.

Searching, learning, coaching, supporting and extra education – Stylebook Education is everything you need from A-to-Z!

Our Values

We aspire for every learner to gain the best support and training advice and establishments to have a place to search for the most talented stylists, coaches, and other support for their students. We envision for this to be a simple process for everyone to ensure efficiency and successful learning.

Here at Stylebook Directory and at Stylebook Education, we emphasise the value our External Educators bring and are constantly looking to growing our database, meaning whatever it is that you’re looking to learn, we will always have you covered.


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